Forward momentum, the initiation of change, can be brought about in many ways; likewise the controlled management of both planned and unplanned change processes. The repertoire of the WissemaGroup is very broad; we are thinkers who act, and actors who continually keep thinking. We operate in the foreground, but can also stay in the background, out of the limelight.

We ask for, and connect, the ideas and opinions of others, but are never afraid to give our own opinion. And if ever we need extra knowledge, we make sure we get it.

Timing is critical, choosing the right moment, catching the right wave to surf on, allowing time for incubation, or conversely changing up a gear when time is of the essence.

The roles in our repertoire include:
• consultant
• shadow advisor
• coach
• speaker
• honorary chairman
• auditor
• researcher
• designer
• initiator
• broker, intermediary
• interim manager
• turn around manager
• devil’s advocate
• project manager