Sharing knowledge in a national law enforcement agency

Sharing knowledge in a national law enforcement agency

The explosive increase in the scale of


The explosive increase in the scale of its investigations, the introduction of new legislation, and the introduction of new detection methods called for a new way of managing knowledge and for professionalisation within a national law enforcement agency. The traditional division between work and learning had to be broken down.


We opted for a quick and effective change process: not just empty talk, but doing things differently straightaway.
The MT identified five strategic knowledge fields, and a team was formed to tackle each of these knowledge fields. The team was formed from a mixed company of experts and people with practical experience. The team shared knowledge and experiences, identified any gaps, closed the gaps, came up with procedures and protocols, verified them, and made its output available through a range of channels (training, refresher courses, manuals, intranet).

Meanwhile, we analysed the knowledge infrastructure together with the portfolio holder and the relevant departments, and prepared it for the future.


Whole departments were engaged in the knowledge-sharing process and the new way of working with knowledge and experience. The improvement was tangible: faster development and distribution of knowledge, and the sharing of best practices throughout the entire organisation.
Any bottlenecks in the knowledge infrastructure were identified and resolved. A crucial aspect was enabling the professionals to perform the knowledge sharing themselves.
The MT has now made a priority of leading the way in knowledge sharing.