The Codetermination Benchmark

The Codetermination Benchmark

Here it is, The Codetermination Benchmark 2010..

Try it for yourself and tell us what you think of the codetermination!

Positive codetermination can provide a significant boost to any organisation. It increases both the quality of executive decision-making and the commitment of the employees. Furthermore, positive codetermination is enjoyable and educational for everyone involved.

‘The Codetermination Benchmark’ is an instrument that allows you to measure the quality of codetermination in your organisation and to compare it with that of other organisations.

The success of codetermination depends on the interrelationship between three different parties: management, works council, and the employees.

This questionnaire covers a number of critical aspects for the smooth handling of this interrelationship. Fill it in and give your score for each aspect (1-10).

If you fill in this questionnaire you will be sent the findings of the survey by e-mail. This will give you insight into the strengths and weaknesses of codetermination in the Netherlands.

What score would you give your organisation? If more than 10 people from your organisation fill in the questionnaire, we will be able to compare the score for your organisation with the national benchmark. So ask your colleagues to take part in the survey as well!

Yours faithfully,

WissemaGroup Winfried Bouts, Camillo Spratt, Paul Becht