Strategy & Value Creation

Strategy & Value Creation

In close collaboration with your people, we can explore, identify, and develop winning strategies with effective business models tailor-made to suit your organisation.

We will help you to identify the keys to increasing turnover, reducing costs, and raising productivity, and deploying these resources to realise ambitious yet realistic action plans. In our philosophy, strategic excellence is based on three inextricably-linked components.

Strategy formulation

The process used to formulate your strategy and to bring all the major stakeholders together. It is widely accepted that this can vastly accelerate the involvement of your employees in the implementation. Why speculate about what your customers think if you can actually make them an active part of the strategy formulation process as well? Or better still, why not involve all the relevant stakeholders in this process? We have specific tools that can help to realise a co-creation process in practice.

Plan quality

Assessment of the impact of the plan: crunching the numbers, evaluating the consequences, and verifying the robustness under various scenarios. Every good idea needs a good plan to implement it. This means the initial enthusiasm will be kept alive and reinforced with achievable goals and sustained growth. The strength of the bureau’s in depth experience, the proven track record of our consultants, and our close relationship with prominent universities guarantee the right mix of objective analysis and sound business intuition.

Strategy implementation

The implementation and realisation of the plans is the ultimate goal.
A successful implementation calls for knowledge and experience in relation to strategy, business development and organisational structuring and for expertise in the fields of group dynamics and change methodologies and also calls for expertise in the field of people management.
Our consultants come from a variety of backgrounds, with degrees in law, organisational psychology, sociology, business economics, and business administration. Our consultancy teams are put together to make sure all the required expertise will be available to give you the advice you need.