Finance & Development

Critical moments

Businesses are continually changing, but this process takes place in fits and starts, and sometimes without anybody noticing at all. Unnoticed and unexpected changes can be the cause of gradual decay or a major crisis. Undeniably noticeable however, will be a decline in turnover, profitability, and liquidity. But the root cause is often less easy to identify, however big the impact is on everyone involved. Our consultants have a proven track record when it comes to effectively tackling difficult and challenging situations. We support and advise company owners, executive boards, shareholders, investors, and banks in the restructuring and development of businesses.

Creative realism

The WissemaGroup is there to provide support to businesses at these critical moments. When business owners are struggling to cope with difficult and trying times, we can provide a listening ear and a fresh perspective. Our approach: stabilise, analyse, reposition, and reinforce. We aim to provide a quick and effective solution, with proper consideration for both the short term and the long term: to deliver success in the short term, while at the same time establishing a solid platform for the future. Building together with you. No endless reports, but concrete action focussing on the core value of your business. We call that creative realism.

Interconnection and practical results

We interconnect the business with the outside world through the involvement of all the relevant stakeholders. Everything we do is aimed at achieving concrete results and creating added value. The practical results of our intuition and business acumen are measured by impact and risk analyses based on careful calculations and statistical analyses.
Like to know more? We can offer you a business health check, a second opinion about the health of your business.