Ideaal: m/v-competentiemix

Waarom zijn zo weinig or-voorzitters vrouw? Shirley Mathoera sprak met dertig vrouwelijke or-voorzitters. In de praktijk stuiten velen nog altijd op weerstand.

Participatie in veranderingsprocessen

Er zijn velen manieren om een organisatie te veranderen. De meest eenvoudige is wellicht een nieuw organogram te tekenen en dit per mail naar alle betrokkenen te sturen. Aan het ‘ingewikkelde’ uiteinde van het spectrum

Teams in organisaties: overvraagd panacee

1. Inleiding Teamwork heeft voor velen een positieve connotatie: samen de schouders eronder, grote openheid, groot onderling vertrouwen en voor elkaar krijgen wat onmogelijk leek. Ook in de structurering van organisaties wordt vaak gerekend op het succes van de samenwerking in teams,

Sharing knowledge

Thanks to ICT and the internet, the ability to share knowledge within organisations has increased enormously. There are major benefits, but not enough much use is made of them. Proposal for a concrete approach.

Quality is best left to professionals

It is a critical subject: the quality of judicial decision-making. Who is in the best position to guarantee quality? Ir. P.R.G.M. Becht en mr. P.A.H. Lemaire argue that it is not the Council for the Judiciary, but the professional who should be given as much responsibility as possible for the definition of the criteria for [...]

The flexible works council

Many works councils are confronted by a lack of time and of suitable candidates. This has a detrimental effect on codetermination. According to Winfried Bouts and Paul Becht, it is high time that something was done about it. They argue for a works council with a small management committeeconsisting of a small board coordinating the [...]

Make the works council a network organisation

Despite the many unfilled vacancies in works councils, modern society still has a big demand for codetermination. The works council can respond to this need with a more flexible organisational structure. This type of works council would not be based on the available works council members, but on the available works council time. It is [...]

Seize hidden opportunities now

Every company should form a think tank before it becomes a victim of the credit crunch Despite being overshadowed bya tide wave of news on the continuing credit crunch, trade and industry have not taken any drastic measures to counteract its effect. However, companies who fail to act today could be the companies that go [...]

The multicultural organisation that never existed

In this post-modern age, organisations can no longer get by with out-dated concepts of intercultural management. In order to verify this viewpoint, we have taken the developments in theories of intercultural management as the starting point for this article. Investment in approaches based on cultural differences appears to be out of fashion. It is a [...]
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